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Your this
Can become
Your this
Can become
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Your this
Can become
Your this
Can become
You can have stunning results in FOUR ROOMS starting at $1.08 / day!*
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  • Two Hour Installs Available!
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  • ​Prevent Leaks!
  • ​Seamless Flashing!
  • ​30% Solar Tax Credit Available!
  • Block Dangerous UV Rays!
  • ​Tube Skylighting, the Next Generation!
  • ​Beautify Home Spaces!
  • Expel Heating IR Light!
  • ​Increase Home Values!
  • ​Decorative Choice!
  • Deliver ​Even Beautiful Lighting!

Immense Benefits to You!

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Next Generation Skylighting!

Here now for you!

Traditional skylights only trail a single beam of light into your room.

Solatube brand daylighting systems are the next generation systems, and deliver beautiful even light throughout your spaces.

Your Smart Alternative to Leaky & Expensive Traditional Skylights!
Your Solatube Daylighting Systems dramatically change the way people just like you think about residential daylighting!  By offering you a simple, smart alternative to traditional skylights, your dark windowless rooms become miraculously filled with stunning daylight. Only Solatube Daylighting Systems use innovative breakthrough technology to bring natural light into virtually any room in only two hours.  Solatube brand tubular daylighting skylights are the cutting edge technology.  Our Brighten Up® Series has transformed millions of homes – without the cost, leaks and hassle associated with traditional skylights.
Are All Your Daylighting Systems Created Equal?
You get what you pay for has never been truer than with tubular daylighting systems!
Don't Let Yourself be Sold Inferior Materials!
The nearest imitator is using materials that your Solatube brand daylighting system made obsolete almost THREE decades ago!
The box stores sell the equivalent to Solatube brand unfinished product!  
And traditional glass skylights ... sure the materials are cheaper, to start... 
  • But who's going to cut the hole in your roof?
  • ​How long do you need to wait for the permits to make structural modifications to your home?
  • ​Will you just skip that permitting step at your own peril?
  • ​Who will you get to re-frame your home's roof and ceiling?
  • ​How much more will that framing work cost?, 
  • Who will do your sheet rock work?
  • ​How much more will that sheet rock, tape, float and texturing work cost?
  • ​Who will repaint your whole room?
  • ​Everyone knows that new paints never match old paints, so how much will painting your whole room cost?
  • ​How much will the UV fading of your furniture, carpets and valuables cost to replace because the scorching Houston sun?
  • ​How much will dumping all that extra IR heat into your home cost to cool in that room?
  • ​How much will it cost to replace the leaking skylight with it dumps water down your walls, into your room and all over your stuff in two or three years?
  • ​How much will repairing those inevitable leaks cost for the sheet rock and cleaning your valuables?
If you make the mistake and buy cheap materials, you won't be happy!
Cheap materials cost you much more.
They cost you more to install
They cost you more to maintain
And most of all,
They cost you vastly more to replace with Solatube quality later!
Daylighting Systems Versus Traditional Skylights
Daylighting Consistency
Solatube Daylighting Systems brighten rooms more effectively and evenly than traditional skylights. Our patented technology gives consistent light throughout the day and all year long, as opposed to the shifting pattern of light you get with traditional skylights.
Light Output
Our smart dome, equipped with advanced optics, provides lighting performance superior to that of a traditional skylight. Our Effect Lenses can also quickly and easily modify the color and strength of the daylight.
You don’t have to sacrifice performance for energy-efficiency. Solatube Daylighting Systems are Energy Star® rated and, unlike most traditional skylights, offer maximum visible light with minimal solar heat gain.
Without the need for reframing or painting, Solatube Daylighting Systems are a fraction of the cost of traditional skylights**.
Ease of Installation
Our Certified Installation Consultants can install your Solatube Daylighting System in as little as two hours. The compact design eliminates the need for costly construction or reframing.
Solatube Daylighting Systems allow you to bring natural light to virtually any room in your home. Our reflective tubing directs sunlight into hard-to-reach areas, where traditional skylights aren’t an option – at a fraction of the cost.
Ease of Maintenance
Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered for peace of mind. Everything from the leak-proof design to the impact-resistant, self cleaning dome ensures trouble-free maintenance.
Design & Functionality
The Solatube Designer Touches Series, with its multiple lens and trim options, allows daylight customization. You can even add a Light Kit, Vent Kit or Daylight Dimmer – creating a multi-functional system.
* Solatube Daylighting System data applies only to the Brighten Up Series.
** Source: Traditional Skylight project cost estimated by Home Tech software
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